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It's time. Major League Baseball is no longer America's favorite past time. Football and basketball consistently outrank baseball in terms of television ratings, attendance, merchandise sales, etc. The only way baseball can return to a place prominence is to create a fair system where all teams truly have an equal opportunity to win.

Baseball needs a salary cap (and salary minimum). The NFL, NBA, and NHL all have implemented a salary cap and achieved more parity, success, and popularity. It's time for baseball to catch up with the times and level the playing field for all teams.

Upon creating a salary cap and salary minimum, the players will actually earn more money than they do now because, although some teams will have to reduce their payroll drastically, most teams will be required to raise their payroll to reach the salary minimum.

Other ideas (rookie salary slotting, international player draft, and revenue sharing) are all important for equality, but the salary cap is the single best way to achieve equality in MLB. Once this happens, all teams will have an equal chance to sign free agents, draft players, and most importantly - WIN.

Major League Baseball should implement a salary cap and salary minimum.

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