#Law & Order
Mitch McConnell and KTVU and NPR
United States of America

The day Justice Scalia died, Mitch McConnell and almost every Republican in Congress called for Obama to ignore constitutional law and leave the nomination for the next President, hoping that person will be a Republican.

This petition is to remind McConnell and others of the Constitution and to stop calling for Obama to ignore his duty to the American people.

Our petition will be delivered to McConnell's DC and local office as well as NPR and other news organizations.

Thank you.

We the undersigned call upon Senator Mitch McConnell and his supporters to read the Constitution and abide by the laws, regulations, and guidelines provided by this document to ensure our best hope against tyranny, oppression, and injustice for ourselves and our future generations and support President Obama's Constitutional duty to appoint a justice to the vacated seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.

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