#Civil Rights
Andy Adkisson, DMH central office Jefferson City, MO
United States of America

This petition is being filed in the interest of DMH employees such as those in the Biggs Forensic Center of Fulton State Hospital. Recent policies have made it so that despite the amount of vacation time one has stored up, the individual employee is unable to use more than 5 days of it at a time. Unfortunately we have many international employees as well as many standard employees who need longer vacations due to cost efficiency and/or the loss of time (which is not reimbursed by the state in the event too much time is accrued). We would like to rectify this issue and as many of the employees here are not supported, consulted, considered, or otherwise included in decisions made by the union (which is supposed to represent the better interests of all the employees) nor by administration as a whole (with the union failing to represent the majority of staff and administration failing to consider employee needs there is a fundamental failure to recognize the needs and interests of the majority).

This petition is to gather interest from the employees at Fulton State Hospital's Biggs Forensic Center for the purpose of allowing us to properly use the time we are given by the state for the purposes of vacations in order to prevent job burn out as is stated in the policy pertaining to said vacations and allow us to solve this problem as well as to bring it to the attention of higher tier administrators who may not be aware that our state issued vacation time is being so stringently controlled by our local admins.

This petition is to allow staff at Fulton State Hospital's Biggs Forensic Center to utilize their vacation time in a more efficient and productive manner as the time is issued by the state of Missouri and not necessarily DMH. Please take a moment to sign this petition not only in the interest of your vacation requests, but for your fellow staff who may not get to spend time with their families despite having worked hard and saved the time in order to do so.

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