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Sweadner's (St. Augustine) Hairstreak on cedar tree - courtesy J. Akers Pence

Couldn't resist adding, "Mission Accomplished," to the title. But I'm not really joking! On 1/13.12 I met with Jan Brewer of the County Environmental Division. She told me they were reinstating the protections for the Red Cedar. If you still want to sign this petition in anticipation of the Commissioner's meeting, you may but if the protections are truly retained, it will be a symbolic gesture on your part. Thanks for making this happen!!!

WE STILL NEED YOUR SIGNATURE ON THE OTHER PETITION against the Land Development Code and Tree Reduction in Developments

The background follows: In November 2011, the Environmental Division of St. John County, FL, proposed modifications to the Land Development Code (LDC). The proposed changes can be viewed at:


A change to the definition of Protected Tree in Article XII removed protections for Coastal Red Cedar trees and for Mangrove Trees. Mangroves are protected by Florida state law and County law can emphasize this fact by retaining protections in its code. Red Cedars in coastal areas are essential to the life-cycle of Sweadner’s Hairstreak butterfly (also known as the St. Augustine Hairstreak). In the past this butterfly was more abundant along our coast. But currently there are fewer red cedars, and the St. Augustine Hairstreak is now only found in low numbers in a few locations. If red cedar populations continue to fall, there may be no St. Augustine Hairstreaks in this County in the future.

Experts, such as Dr. J. Akers Pence and Dr. Marc C. Minno concur on the need for continued protection for the red cedar.

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Petition: Retain the protections for Southern Red Cedar and the Mangrove as stated in existing code in Article XII, Part 12.01.00 Definitions.
Keep the following wording in the definition, Protected Tree:

Native Southern Red Cedar (Juniperous silicicola) with a DBH greater than two (2) inches shall be a Protected Tree whenever it occurs within three (3) miles of the Atlantic Ocean and any Endangered Trees are to be Protected Trees. All Mangroves are protected per Florida Statutes.

The Mission Accomplished!!! Retain the Current SJC Land Development Code (LDC) Protection for Coastal Red Cedars and Mangroves petition to St. Johns County, FL, Governmental Officials was written by Dianne Battle and is in the category Government at GoPetition.