Minnesota State Legislators and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
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Us fishermen & fisherwomen need to stand together and let the Minnesota Legislators know we don't agree with the new Northern Pike fishing regulations.

Please contact your state representative on this issue. They need to hear each and everyone of you. More contacts they get the better chance we can get this changed. Go to https://www.gis.leg.mn/iMaps/districts/ to find your representative. Send them a quick email or phone call stating you want the new Northern Pike laws changed.

New Northern Pike fishing regulations set to be enforced starting March 1st, 2018. The regulations will be broken up into 3 zones with the state.
NORTH CENTRAL ZONE --The majority of the state will be in the north-central zone. In the north-central zone, anglers will be able to keep 10 northern pike, but not more than two pike longer than 26 inches; and all from 22 to 26 inches MUST BE RELEASED. Northern pike taken by spearing follow the same rules except one pike may be between 22 and 26 inches and one larger than 26 inches.
NORTHEAST ZONE -- In the northeast zone, anglers will be able to keep two pike. All from 30 to 40 inches will require release and only one over 40 inches is allowed in possession. Spearers will also be able to take two pike but only one may be larger than 26 inches.
SOUTH ZONE -- In the southern zone, anglers and spearers will be able to keep two fish, with a minimum size of 24 inches.


Dear Minnesota Legislators & Minnesota Fish & Wildlife Division
Please re-look the new Minnesota Northern Pike Regulations. Specifically the North Central Zone. These will dramatically effect pike fishermen. Nobody wants to go out and try to catch a bunch of little pike. By the time they are boned there is very little left to eat. This will lower the number of fishermen targeting pike and then in turn create even larger populations of pike.

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