Nevada County Board of Supervisors
Nevada County, Northern California

Together, We Can Stop the Mine
Protect our Air, Water, and Quality of Life

Rise Gold, a junior mining company with questionable experience, wants to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine in Grass Valley, CA.

Our Nevada County Supervisors will vote on the proposed reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine as early as 2021. Residents and businesses think it's a really bad idea.

Here's what's at stake:

*Wrecks our neighborhoods with 24/7 drilling and blasting for 80 years
*Pollutes our air with rock crushing, loading, and truck hauling
*Devours our power using 12% of Nevada County’s consumption annually
*Erases our County’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions
*Drains our water using South Fork Wolf Creek as a storm drain
*Reduces property values and threatens 300+ private wells

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Sign the petition to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and forward it to your friends.

Together, we can stop the Mine!

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Dear Nevada County Supervisors:

Businesses, homeowners, and conservationists in Nevada County are joining together to protect our neighborhoods, our local economy, and our quality of life from the Rise Gold proposal to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Mine.

We, the undersigned, urge the Board of Supervisors to reject this destructive proposal and instead protect our community.

We look forward to hearing your position on this critical issue.

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