United States of America

Across our nation and the world, there is a GROWING groundswell of anguish for our country and support for Mike Huckabee to be our President in 2008. This outcry of the people of America transcends all party lines and political ideology.

We hereby unite in agreement as AMERICANS for the people’s true choice for President of the United States of America, former Governor Mike Huckabee. The ONLY candidate truly FROM the people and FOR the people!!!


Lori Stacey, Greg & Loretta Tripodes

We, the undersigned, unite across all political ideology, political parties, races, religions, national origins and walks of life to hereby respectfully urge Mike and Janet Huckabee to accept our urgent plea.

We, the people of the United States of America and our friends across the world join together in urging former Governor Mike Huckabee to get back into the Presidential race in this historic year of 2008 by whatever legal and possible means he so chooses and is led to do.

We passionately believe that he is the ONLY candidate truly FROM the people and FOR the people of the United States. We respectfully pray and plead for a Huckabee/Hunter ticket or whomever he so chooses and hereby pledge our full support across all party lines.

We, as Americans, hereby state the people’s choice for President of the United States, Mike Huckabee in this year 2008.


We the People

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