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Tongue tie in an infant is easy to diagnose and easy to treat. It can cause feeding problems, especially with breastfeeding - baby feeds constantly but does not gain weight, the latch is 'correct' but the mother suffers sore and damaged nipples, the baby is unsettled and unhappy most of the time and suffers with hiccups, wind and brings back milk.

This leads to many mothers giving up within the first few days or weeks, unaware there is a problem. Worse, a problem is diagnosed but nothing is done, leaving a mother struggling and unsure what to do for the best. Treatment currently on the NHS can take weeks or months, depending on your PCT.

Midwives can be trained to recognise and treat tongue tie, upon discussion with the mother, in the first few days after birth, giving women the chance to establish breastfeeding successfully.

This could increase breastfeeding rates, and can only have a positive effect on mother's mental health.

We, the undersigned, call on Nursing and Midwery Council to start training midwives in recognising and treating tongue tie in the first few days after birth.

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