Pc gaming had been here for a long time. People will spend hundreds of dollar just to upgrade their computer for gaming. As a pc gamer, we don't give a damn about the cost of upgrading, because we can afford it!

Microsoft had release window vista, and many future games will support window vista. But the pc is missing great titles off consoles. Help support pc gaming, show your dedication to pc gaming. Don't let pc gaming die, don't let window vista die, show your support to pc gaming, show your support to microsoft.

Please sign my petition.

Dear Microsoft,

On behalf of all PC gamers, fans of Epic, unreal tournament, and microsoft window vista.

We are petitioning your esteemed company to release Gears Of War on window vista. It is the opinion of many pc gamer, that we are dedicated to supporting window vista future games.

We are first and foremost fans of gaming greatness. There are over 6 million window vista users world wide, and many more to come(because they will have to upgrade sooner, or later). It is only unfortunate that not all the fans out there will hear off this petition to be able to sign.

Please do us the honour of releasing your most killer app- Gears Of War without an huge delay for the Pc gamer and allow millions of your existing and future fans to experience your incredible title.

Pc gamer, fans of Pc gaming, Epic, Microsoft, and supporters of window vista.

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