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After many years of DC residents working to establish dog parks in the district, we are finally close to having them. Please read these Frequently Asked Questions to determine whether you will support the establishment of a dog park in Ward 5. If you are a resident of Ward 5 and you support the the dog park, please sign the petition below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you?

We are members of the Michigan Avenue Triangle Dog Group. Our group is comprised of responsible dog owners who all live in the Michigan Park/Brookland/Woodridge area and hope to be the sponsoring group for an enclosed off-leash dog area in our neighborhood. Our goal is to establish a safe, clean and sanitary environment for dogs to exercise and play with each other.

Where do you want an off-leash area?

We would like to establish an enclosed off-leash dog exercise and play area in a small portion of the triangle park located at 18th Street, Bunker Hill Road and Michigan Avenue, NE in front of the HSC Pediatric Center.

Did you consider any other sites?

Yes. Under the dog park regulations, only DC-owned park land controlled by DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DC DPR) is eligible. Within those properties, all athletic fields, playground areas and parks in close proximity to community gardens are excluded. We considered the following other areas, but they are ineligible by law for the following reasons:

Bunker Hill Park – owned by the federal government
Barnard Hill Park – owned by the federal government
Turkey Thicket – athletic fields are off limits
Noyes Park – too close to a school; school grounds are off limits
Land near the Metro tracks – owned by WMATA
The Franciscan Monastery – privately owned land
Howard Divinity School – privately owned land

Are you planning to use the whole triangle park?

No. The triangle park is 60,500 square feet. We only want a portion bordering Michigan Avenue. This is the furthest side from the Hospital for Sick Children.

What is the process for establishing an off leash area?

A sponsoring group must submit an application with at least fifty petition signatures and/or letters of support from the community. If the application is approved, the application will be subject to public comment. Then, a design for the area will be developed by DC DPR with input from the community and sponsoring group.

Will there be people there at night and what will the hours be?

The proposed hours are sunrise to sunset. DC DPR ultimately will set the hours of the dog park per the regulations. When determining the actual hours of operations, the privacy of the surrounding neighbors will be taken into account. The hours will be clearly posted at the park by DC DPR and stringently enforced. After hours use of the dog park will not be permitted.

How many dogs at one time do you estimate will be using the area?

Under the DC DPR regulations, the maximum capacity is one dog per 450 square feet. Overcrowding is not permitted. The anticipated maximum amount of dogs at the dog park at one time is between 10 and 15 dogs. In general, hours in which dog parks are most frequently used are during the warmer weather months between 6:00-8:00 PM (after folks get off of work).

Who will be responsible for cleaning up and making sure it is sanitary?

Each dog owner is responsible for picking up after his/her dog. DC DPR will supply special containers for pet waste and the DC Department of Public Works will be responsible for the collection of the waste. Per the dog park regulations, sanitation is extremely important and every effort will be made to ensure the dog park is clean and sanitary. In addition, our group will also be responsible for ensuring maintenance and upkeep. If the off-leash area is not maintained properly, it could be shut down by the DC DPR.

Will there be more crime?

Studies have shown that dog parks reduce crime because with more people utilizing the area there will be an increased look out for suspicious activity.

What about noise?

Some dogs do bark when playing and running around. We are very sensitive to the noise and will make every effort to ensure it is kept at a minimum. This is why the off-leash area will only be open during daylight hours and the number of dogs allowed inside at one time is limited.

What type of ground cover and fence will be provided for the dog park?

DC DPR will be responsible for providing the ground cover and fencing for the park. They have stated very clearly that the fencing will not be chain link. Most likely it will be some type of five foot tall iron fencing. The ground cover provided will be human and pet safe and the park will be designed to prevent ground erosion.

Who will design the park and do I have a say?

DC DPR will design the park with input from the community and sponsoring group. The design process will not begin until after the dog park application is approved. Under the dog park regulations, the park will be designed and implemented wherever feasible to preserve the beauty of the park environment.

What if I have a complaint?

After an off-leash area is established and if you have a complaint, all complaints must be heard by the sponsoring group. If not resolved satisfactorily, DC DPR will mediate to develop a satisfactory solution. Failure by the sponsoring group to implement the solution can lead to the closure of the park.

What are advantages to establishing a dog park in my neighborhood?

A fenced dog park will allow the citizens of Ward 5 a safe place to recreate with their pets.

A fenced dog park will allow families with pets to spend more quality time together.

A fenced dog park will increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

A fenced dog park will increase public safety through increased foot traffic around the triangle park, particularly in the evening hours.

A fenced dog park will decrease the volume of dog traffic in unfenced Ward 5 parks.

By my signature below, I am voicing my support for the creation of a fenced dog park in a small portion of the triangle park located at 18th Street, Bunker Hill Road and Michigan Avenue, NE in front of the HSC Pediatric Center.

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