Justice Secretary for Scotland - Kenny MacAskill MSP

In 2008, Sgt. Michael Ross, aged 29 years, of the Black Watch Regiment was convicted of murder at the High Court in Glasgow and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

The crime was committed in 1994 in the Orkney Islands. Michael, aged 15 years, was among many who were interviewed during the enquiry. He was released without charge. Twelve years later, in 2006, an alleged witness came forward and stated he could identify the killer and named Michael Ross. This witness is a known inveterate liar and fantasist.

It was later discovered that an act of collusion had occurred between this witness and a detective officer of the Northern Constabulary resulting in this witness presenting himself to the police. Michael was convicted with NO EVIDENCE, NO DNA, NO FINGERPRINTS, NO IDENTIFICATION, NO FORENSICS and by a FALSE WITNESS giving FALSE TESTIMONY.

All attempts to have Michael released and the case re-examined have failed. This is the fifth year Michael has been away from his wife and two little daughters.

We, the undersigned, call on the Justice Secretary for Scotland, Kenny MacAskill MSP, to have Michael released from prison and cause an open and impartial enquiry to be made into this gross miscarriage of justice.

In particular in relation to how this case was brought to court by the actions of the "alleged witness" and his police handler, this officer's supervisory officer's, the Procurator Fiscal's Service and the Crown Office.

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