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Mayor of Stuttgart

We would like to have our own place in Stuttgart which will be used as a memorial place to pay our respect to Michael Jackson.

Please help us to collect signatures for getting our own place in Stuttgart, Germany which will be used as a memorial place in honour of our beloved Michael Jackson.

We would like to have a place in town where we will be able to pay our respect to Michael, where we can share the great moments and the pain, where fans can meet and where we can show the world how much we love him. Signatures will go to the city of Stuttgart where we are asking for our place to keep his legacy alive.

The 25th of June 2009 has been a day where the whole world was under shock. Michael Jackson has left us and the fans are still in pain. In an effort to reduce this pain, we the fans in Stuttgart would like to have our own place/memorial where we can pay our respect and share our love for Michael. Michael Jackson was apart from a musical genius a great humanitarian! He donated millions to charities and was very sensitive to all the pain and hunger people suffered from.

He was always trying to tell the world that we have to help and respect each other, that we have to LOVE each other. Please help us to make a step further and show the world our love, not only for Michael Jackson but for everybody who is part of this world. Please sign and spread the word. The signatures will go the mayor of Stuttgart in order to get permission to have our own memorial place in the city. Thank you very much!

It's all for L.O.V.E.

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