Xbox 360 Fans, MGS 4 Fans

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Must Not Be A PS3 Exclusive it has to come to the xbox 360 because there are more Xbox 360 owners than PS3 and loads of PS3 games are coming to the Xbox 360.

We Want all the x360 fans to enjoy MGS 4 because it can't just be a PS3 exclusive its not made by Sony Computer Entertainment its made by Konami MGS 2 was out on the original Xbox and The PS2 why should MGS 3 be different? Come on people sign this petition and just maybe the Metal Gear Solid fans and Xbox 360 fans may get Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots after the PS3 Release come on sign this petition people!

Heres A letter we should all send to Konami:

Dear Konami,

On behalf of all Xbox 360 owners, fans of Konami and Metal Gear Solid.

We are petitioning your esteemed company to release Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox 360 platform. It is the opinion off many that the Sony Playstation 3 is far too expensive to own.

We are first and foremost fans of gaming greatness. There are at this time over 8 Million off us world wide, and many more to come. It is only unfortunate that not all the fans out there will hear off this petition to be able to sign.

Please do us the honour of releasing your Masterpiece - Metal Gear Solid 4 without undue delay on the Xbox 360 and allow millions of your existing and future fans to experience your incredible title.

Xbox 360 owners, fans of Konami and Metal Gear Solid

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