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Update Sept. 26, 2010

Liverpool Marathon 2011

I know it’s been a long wait but its finally arrived, we are delighted to let you know that Liverpool will host its first marathon for nearly twenty years when city leaders give their backing to race plans on October 1st. Council officers have recommended a leading industry player to take over the job.

All that remains is for the cabinet to accept the plan when they meet on October 1

It is hoped the marathon will attract 10,000 runners in its first year.

The aim is to make the marathon into the third biggest street race in the UK behind the London Marathon and Great North Run.

With television rights in place the race could be worth £3m to the local economy in the first year alone.

The first blue riband race is set to take place on October 9, 2011 under a one-year contract which would be extended up to 2016 if successful.

In its fifth year it is hoped up to 25,000 runners will take part.

Although a route is yet to be confirmed the World Heritage waterfront would be a key part of showcasing the city as would the historic cathedrals.

Cllr Joe Anderson, leader of Liverpool City Council, said: ‘’Liverpool is world famous for its sporting excellence be it football, championship golf or the Grand National and a major marathon would further cement our reputation on the global stage. ‘’The profile and impact of a Liverpool marathon could be priceless for the city.
“It would be a brilliant showcase for the renaissance Liverpool has undergone as a European Capital of Culture and could also provide a huge boost to our tourism industry, running clubs and charities.’’

The first marathon, which is not expected to be profit making, will be funded wholly by the organiser at no cost to taxpayers.

We feel this has been achieved by Liverpool City Council having the good sense and foresight to listen to the MM08 campaign and its supporters. This was confirmed by the council report recommending this event as follows:

“It was clear that in the build up to and during the Capital of Culture year of 2008 that there was considerable interest and support for Liverpool staging a Marathon. Whilst it could not be included within the already extensive 2008 programme of events it was agreed such and event should be one of the key legacy events for the future”

Well done to everyone and lets look forward to an excellent event in 2011.


Update 9 May 2007 - Sorry to report today that we have had an email from the Culture Company to say that a marathon will not be included in the culture programme for 2008.

The excuse is mainly ‘other commitments’, while we do understand there are a lot of commitments, we feel a great opportunity has been missed by this council in not staging what could have been the jewel in the crown of the sporting programme of 2008

An opportunity, by the way that Newcastle would not have dreamed of missing out on had they been successful in the bid. Clearly Newcastle has a greater insight into what culture means to ordinary citizens.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, those that signed the petition and supported the campaign, sent messages of support to the campaigners.

The petition will remain open as a reminder to any future council leaders who have the drive and foresight to see the potential of this idea, and see that there is a genuine wish and desire locally, nationally and internationally for this event to happen in Liverpool.

We fervently believe that this event will happen at sometime in the future and if it does, it will be because of this campaign and all of your efforts which have revitalised the idea and possibly awoken a sleeping giant, without this campaign the idea of a marathon would have stagnated and died if left to those who don’t have the genuine desire or will to see quality events staged in the city.

Thanks again from everyone involved with MM08


Update – please see below message received from Culture Company – 31/1/07

‘Regarding the marathon we are still giving the matter consideration and will contact you in the very near future.

In response to any questions you receive I am happy for you to say you have made representations to the Culture Company who are giving the matter very serious consideration.

We will be in touch.’


This petition was initially started to put pressure on Liverpool City Council to include a Marathon event as part of the Capital of Culture celebrations.

In the first two weeks this petition gained nearly 500 signatures, which is a measure of the desire that people have, to see this event happen.

We are pleased to report that we have presented the idea to the council who are now actively considering our proposal as a viable proposition.

So thank you for your support but we still need to sustain the momentum and gather more signatures, so please tell your friends, relations, colleagues and associates about this campaign and persuade them to support the cause also.

The comments made by contributors, have been encouraging and inspiring. We are sure that if this level of support continues, then Liverpool City Council may be persuaded to listen to the overwhelming majority who want to see the Marathon in Liverpool in 2008,become a reality.

As Liverpool is to be the Capital of Culture in 2008 and Merseyside has a proud, fine sporting heritage and as such should provide exceptional, blue ribbon events in the city; this subsequently showcases the city as an exemplar of sport and participation by residents and visitors.

Such an event, which could encapsulate a range of races/events on the day, would encourage families and young people to participate in a sporting event that could have long-term positive benefits for their health and wellbeing.

The event would not only support the city’s drive to encourage healthy living in its residents, and in particular children, but would also serve to promote sporting interest in the forthcoming Olympic games in 2012.

Visitors from all over the UK would travel to the city for such an event, thereby boosting visitor numbers and revenue for the city, and providing a positive view of the city, which is both affirmative and lasting.

There is also a blog linked to this petition, visit now and leave your message of support.


Thank you and please spread the word as widely as possible.

We, the undersigned, would like to petition Liverpool City Council and the Culture Company to add a Marathon Event to the sporting programme to celebrate the Capital of Culture year in 2008.

Thank you for your support.

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