Lords Mobile is a game created by IGG. This game has several servers where players interact, they are called kingdoms. Every time a kingdom hits 10k players a new kingdom is created. This doesn't account players that start a new account by mistake (while switching between accounts) or players who start the game just to get level 13 player (to get rewards for other apps) and then quit, or players who genuinely tried the game but quit after a few days because they didn't enjoy it. This results in the kingdom starting at about 8k castles instead of the planed 10k. Then as the time goes by people migrate from kingdom to kingdom and this makes some kingdoms overcrowded while others are dead. This wouldn't be an issue except 90% of the kingdoms that are out of protection are now dead. From the 10% of the kingdoms that aren't dead 9% are too expensive to migrate to and the other 1% is full of titans. This makes big might players in more medium sized guilds stuck or wanting to leave the medium sized guild for a bigger one so it becomes cheaper to migrate. It has got to the point that many people are quitting purely because of how dead the game has become.

An easy solution to this problem would be to merge kingdoms that are out of protection, 2 kingdoms in one would be already better but ideally 3 kingdoms into 1 would the best option.

Please IGG listen to your players, make kingdom merging come true!

We, the undersigned,

call on IGG to end dead kingdoms in Lords Mobile by merging two or three kingdoms into one.

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