Since months are players from their game Echo Of Soul telling Gamigo to merge Aesir and Edun because there is a lack of players,Levina alone has the same playerbase as Aesir and Edun together,it's only logical to go that step and merge Aesir and Edun together,your players have non to play with Issus is dead on both servers no competition whatsoever players are getting bored and quit your game.Instead of letting the servers slowly die, merge them so we can have fun in Issus and Valhalla,raid more often find more partys make new friends and have it be more lively.Right now its no fun playing on dead servers for the sake of keeping your games playernumbers healthy and your players happy merge Aesir and Edun.

We the players of the game Echo of Soul that is published by Gamigo,request a server merge between the Aesir and Edun server to bring back a fun and active gaming experience.The servers Aesir and Edun are lacking active players and we the players are getting bored of the limitation of activities that Echo of Soul provides,because we lack the players to do those activities.To regain the ability to do everything in the game with a healthy playerbase we need the server merge between Aesir and Edun.

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The Merge Aesir and Edun together,make Issus and Valhalla great again petition to Gamigo was written by Niko Melikidis and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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