Principal Larry Meadows , School district of Osceola
United States of America

It has come to the attention of many that there is an even amount of same gender sports in Gateway High School except for a male volleyball team. It is important to include all sports for every gender.

This includes men's volleyball, which is an Olympic sport. Every year that passes without such a program denies some of these young men an opportunity to pursue not just athletic, but concomitant academic development.

Having a male volleyball team for Gateway will not only strengthen the sports department of the school but it will also be a great experience for students who are looking to take this sport as a career in their future. Be the Ball, and make the Ball great, for it is a symbol of this country and our people as a whole of this nation! Let's make the Panther Nation stronger by adding a male volleyball team!

We the Male athletes of Gateway High School call on Principal Larry Meadows and The school district of Osceola to add a male volleyball team to Gateway Sports.

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