#Civil Rights
Christchurch City Council and CERA
New Zealand

Christchurch City suffered a major earthquake on 22 February 2011 in which a large majority of the CBD was destroyed. This area has been cordoned off - The Red Zone. The people of Christchurch have been denied access to this area up until now. Which was fair enough at the time.

Many celebrities have been allowed through this area, some even without hard hats on. It is time for us all, the people of Christchurch, to have the chance to walk through our beloved, fallen city so that we can properly grieve for what we have lost.

We the undersigned wish to walk through the Red Zone of Christchurch as part of our recovery from the earthquake. We need the chance to grieve our beloved City.

We want the closure that only walking through will give us. It is about dealing with the grief of what we have lost and only being there can do it. We are prepared to accept any risk involved.

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