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Melton City Councillors, 232 High Street, Melton VIC 3337

The deceptive planning application for a 100,000 sqm Melbourne Islamic Centre and mosque in Melton has outraged many local residents.

If not for the efforts of this residents action group, Meltonians would have been blindsided by this secretive attempt by council to resurrect the already lapsed planning permit from this group of Pakistani property developers.

For planning applications impacting a large number of residents, the Victorian Planning and Environment Act mandates a public notice in the local papers.
A Social Impact Assessment is also required. However, for this 100,000 sqm large 'Melbourne Islamic Centre' project, council merely put up an A3-size sign at the property fence and gave notification to the most immediate neighbours only.

There are many valid reasons to object to this inappropriate Islamic centre and mosque project. We have listed the most pressing below:

1. The planning application (PA2017/5728) is incomplete and inconclusive
2. The applicants’ business address is an empty block of land in Western Sydney
3. The soil conditions in the area (aka ‘Sinkhole Plain’) are unsuitable for this project
4. Critical questions re amenities, traffic and water treatment remain unanswered
5. Council failed to notify residents by proper public notice.
6. Council failed to undertake a Social Impact Assessment
7. The Islamic centre and mosque is planned for 400+ worshippers, not just the 60 proposed.
8. A mosque is not like a church or temple.
9. Mosques bring serious problems to communities everywhere
10. The mosque layout already discriminates against women

We provide more detailed information to each point on our website

We, the undersigned residents of Melton ask our elected local representatives, namely

Cr Bob Turner
Cr Ken Hardy
Cr Steve Abboushi
Cr Lara Carli
Cr Melissa De Santis
Cr Goran Kesic
Cr Kathy Majdlik
Cr Michelle Mendes
Cr Sophie Ramsey
to reject planning application PA2017/5728 by Melbourne Islamic Centre Ltd for an Islamic Centre and Mosque in Melton in its current form.

The reasons were formally submitted to council by 198 objectors and the main objections are listed in bullet point form in the preamble of our petition.

Primary Petitioner:
Mr Ralf Schumann
Melton West, 3337

Postal address:
c/o Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd
PO Box 290
South Melbourne VIC 3205

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