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Melee was a great game. It is still played today by more than half of the "professional" brawl players. Melee was a game that needed skill and practice to play. The competition in it was incredible. There were huge tournaments, MLG was involved and the community was very happy until Brawl came out.

Brawl is a game that anybody can pick up and spend 4 hours practicing to be able to beat people that have been playing for months. Since Dacus and Glidetossing/chaingrabbing were discovered, it gave the hardcore gamers a way t beat the casuals easily.

This still isn't enough. Brawl is very slow paced, the edges autosweetspot and there are many things wrong with the game, especially the characters who are more unbalanced than melee's. There is also a lack of hitstun in brawl. This made the players HACK the game in order to recreate it into a better game. Wavedashing, L canceling, Shine spiking, drill shining, dash dancing, Combos, drill shining, pillaring, tech chasing and skill were all fun aspects of melee. Brawl is very limited while melee was a very creative game.

Brawl also includes crappy stages and a very horrible story mode. Please re-release melee for the wii, with more characters and stages. The graphics don't matter as long as there are more characters/stages. Brawl is a disappointment. Many games for the wii were also a disappointment. Since many of the hardcore titles were simplified, hardcore players went to third party makers, or bought a rival console.

Respect for Nintendo has been lost and can easily be regained by pleasing the hardcore gamers. Re-release melee, the greatest game Nintendo ever made.

For those of you that want the greatness of melee restored with new characters and stages, sign here. Please leave a comment.

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