Rockman ZX was released on 07/06/06 in Japan and 09/12/07 in USA. Its sequel, Rockman ZX Advent was released in Japan in 07/12/07 and came to the US in 10/23/07.

So far, according to VGchartz.com, the first installment of the series has sold over 250 thousand copies all over the world, and ZXAdvent over 310 thousand, making them, respectively, the 32nd and 25th best selling Mega Man games, out of all 97 games of the series.

These games have been hugely loved by thousands of fans all over the world. Huge online communities have been built to gather players to discuss these games, including the secret ending from ZXA, which hinted on a new game to come.

Now, almost 5 years after the Japanese Release of Megaman ZXAdvent, we still haven't gotten a third game. Therefore, we, loyal fans of this incredible series, have joined to sign a petition asking Capcom to develop ZX3. We are positive that this game will sell as much as or even more than the other two games of the series.

We, fans of Megaman ZX series, call on Capcom to develop a third installment for this series, continuing the story from Megaman ZX Advent.

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