Simon Harris

Its been scientifically proven to help Crohns Disease as well as many other diseases, helps heal and cure some cancers , stop epileptic seizures, cures many skin conditions helps with arthritis and injuries. Amazing treatment for depression and anxiety. It needs to be available to everyone who can benefit from it. This amazing plant shouldn't be kept from us. People of Ireland shouldn't be made feel like criminals when using something that nature provides. Why stop people from feeling well? This plant should be able to be available like any other herb in a kitchen cupboard it's grown the very same way, earth and water. This is the cure our people need.

We the undersigned call on Mr Simon Harris Minister for Health to legalise medicinal cannabis for the people of Ireland who will benefit greatly from using this plant to treat so many illnesses, mental disorders, skin conditions the list goes on... Keeping us from freely using it needs to stop! It's gone on too long now.

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