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Currently under Medicare if you have a diagnosis which requires psychological visits to a psychiatrist or psychologist you receive 50% coverage, even if this is your primary diagnosis.

The out-of-pocket cost is great and virtually impossible to pay, when you receive only a monthly check, which is used to pay for your general living expenses.

If these visits were covered, it would provide those on disability for depression, anxiety, substance abuse and more, with a likely outcome of the recipient’s ability to get proper treatment and return to work, thus leaving the disability program, saving tax payers a substantial amount of money, as well as benefiting the recipient with hope for recovery.

We, the undersigned, ask for full psychological coverage for disability and Medicare recipients, as we believe if they have a primary diagnosis for a psychological or emotional disorder they should be able to obtain the help required to achieve quality of life and the ability to function in society, and with proper treatment, we believe they may be able to overcome and thus have the opportunity to leave the disability program, which would benefit the recipient as well as tax payers.

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