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Faculty Student Association at the State University of New York at Stony Brook
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Over the years the cost of meal plans at Stony Brook University has increased substantially. In an overwhelming majority of residence halls, students are forced to enroll in a meal plan if they wish to live there. Here is another quote from the campus dining website.
"Resident students in their first two semesters at Stony Brook and students living in mandatory meal plan buildings/areas are required to be on one of the residence hall meal plans."
Below is shown the least costly meal plan available to resident students living in a mandatory meal plan building.
(taken directly from the campus dining website)
BRONZE PLAN (Meal Plan 1) * - $1,325 cost per semester. 1,000 campus points and 100 flex credits .
In this plan the activation fee(225$) is a 20% surcharge in addition to the $1100 in campus/flex points we get.

We the undergraduate students of the University of New York at Stony Brook believe forcing students to enroll in a $1,325.00 or more meal plan is wrong and an unethical business practice. We demand a meal plan option that is more afforable. We demand a meal plan costing $675 (500 campus points, with a $175 activation fee) be available to residents in all residence halls. We require that this 500 point 675$ meal plan be available for the spring semester of 2005.

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