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On June 4, 2009 a Staff Benefits Advisory Committee (SBAC) meeting was held with MUNACA representation. At this meeting the committee was informed that the Principal has decided to cut $1,000,000 from the Benefits program.

MUNACA agrees that it is always prudent to review the “Claims Experience” of our benefits plan to assess its effectiveness in providing the best possible benefit to the members it covers. We do not, however, support looking at the plan expenditures with the objective to reduce coverage when the plan is financially secure.

Health benefits coverage should be considered a core responsibility for a large employer such as McGill. We believe that through a careful examination and modification of the existing plan, savings are possible.

These savings, however, should be redirected towards what we consider to be more medically essential services and not be used to reduce McGill’s deficit and this especially at a time where McGill is consistently hiring new manager level employees, creating new departments with new staff, and using funds to beautify the campus, all the while claiming we need to cut back! Moreover, we believe the amount of coverage currently paid by the University should not be decreased but increased.

McGill employees’ health must be considered first and foremost and not be considered an expendable issue.

MUNACA says “NO” to cutting our Benefits and encourage you to support us in resisting this plan.

McGill is proposing to cut $1 million dollars from the staff health and dental plans as a cost-saving initiative. We believe that this decision creates an unfair burden to members of the community, particularly those with lower salaries.

Above all, this decision is unjust. After years of service employees should not be punished.

Read article: Stress-related illnesses rising, The Gazette, July 4, 2009 (http://www.montrealgazette.com/business/fp/Stressed+related+illnesses+rising/1758376/story.html)

McGill continues to hire high-level administrators and create new offices, producing more financial strain. To do so at the same time as proposing cuts at the expense of our benefits is incomprehensible. Can the administration explain why?

Join us in saying “No” to sacrificing our health and retirees for saving $1 Million out of a $1 Billion budget!

We the undersigned demand that the Board of Governors reconsider its position on the proposed $1 million cut to staff benefits from the McGill annual budget.

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