Motohide Eshiro (江城 元秀), Tsuyoshi Yamazaki (山崎 剛氏)

GS5 has finally been announced! But at this stage there's still no telling whether it's going to be the game we've all dreamed about or another serving of bad writing that ignores Phoenix's previous games. (After all, Takumi isn't even writing any more.)

Are you a fan of Maya Fey? Do you think her being 'absent' *again* like she was in GS4 is utterly ridiculous? Well this is your chance to have your voice heard! Help us let Capcom know that GS5 without Maya is just not acceptable! Sign the petition to have Maya Fey appear in GS5!

We get it, Capcom, really. New games need new characters. It could even be argued that Maya's had enough games as 'the assistant', but having her just disappear entirely is not only a blow to us fans, but to Phoenix as well! Phoenix was ALL about loyalty and his bonds with his friends. If Maya doesn't show up now what does that say about Phoenix? Stripping away and abandoning those core components of Phoenix's character would be a really bad move now that he's back in the lead role. How do we fix this? SIMPLE. BRING BACK MAYA FEY.

With Phoenix back in the suit and the courtroom, we as Maya fans find it absolutely unfathomable that she's "too busy training/running Kurain/eating to make the trip to witness his triumphant return. Maya believed in Phoenix. Nothing we have seen since GS3 gives us any reason why that would have changed.

All we really want is for Maya to have some kind of cameo where she and Phoenix see each other, so it doesn't look like the 'forged evidence fiasco' just destroyed their friendship forever with no explanation. Capcom really can't go on ignoring such a prominent character just because it's convenient for yet another game.

And most importantly, we want to see her again, in the 8 years later PRESENT. Vaguely alluding to the fact that she's 'maybe' 'training' in a cave and has been for the last 8 years so they don't have to show her is just a cop out.

But odds are already looking bad. Latest interviews from the GS5 writing staff indicate that Maya will be completely ignored yet again, which makes zero sense with Phoenix as the main character! We can't let that happen, at least not without a fight! Spread the word!


We missed Maya in GS4. We want Phoenix to see Maya again in GS5.

Why was Maya absent during GS4? Maya would NEVER abandon Phoenix!

The end of GS3 Maya said she would be Kurain Master AND still be manager of Wright and Co. Law offices AND look after Phoenix.

Maya would want to be around when Phoenix FINALLY became a lawyer again.

We want to see Phoenix and Maya are still friends. Phoenix has always revolved around and been loyal to his old friends.

If Phoenix doesn't see Maya and Maya doesn't support Phoenix it's a contradiction to GS1-3!

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