#Animal Welfare
Friends of RSPCA Gladstone

On the 27th May 2012 a member of the public found two 5mth old male wolfhound x puppies tied with electrical cable off Glenlyon Road in Gladstone.

The dogs were severely emaciated, had sustained significant trauma to the head by a sharp object which had cut to the bone, one dog sustained stab wounds to the stomach - they were left here to die.

The body of a third dog was found in the area the next day. A 51yr old local man pleaded guilty to the crime due to public pressure and will face court in June.

In the case of the dog that was bashed to death and the two dogs that had horrific injuries inflicted on them and have/are still are suffering terribly - we ask your honour to please give the perpetrator the maximum penalty for animal cruelty for each animal.

We believe that a prison term must be imposed and all expenses incurred by the Friends of RSPCA Gladstone be reimbursed.

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