Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson

Legends never die... Maksim Tsyhalka, or better known as Maxim Tsigalko, will always live in our hearts.
Since he played a crucial part on Championship Manager's and Football Manager's renown, we would like, nay, WE DEMAND that from Football Manager 2021 and onward, there will always be generated a Belarusian striker newgen with his name. Ideally, in the first three seasons and with a random potential ability.

Maxim, you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, legendary striker.

We, the undersigned, ask of Sports Interactive Ltd and especially its studio director Miles Jacobson, to ensure that from Football Manager 2021 and onward, there will always be a Belarusian striker newgen generated, named "Maxim Tsigalko", as a tribute to the legendary striker of the Championship Manager series.

Ideally, he should be generated in the first three seasons, so that everybody has a chance to sign him. Though his potential ability should be random, we would appreciate it if his base P.A. was at least that of a -6.5, meaning that his range will be -6.5 to -10.

Since Football Manager 2021 has already been released, Maxim Tsigalko must be generated at the first opportunity, for the save files that have passed the landmark of season three.

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