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In 2019, a single mother from Oregon, Karissa Fretwell, and her three year old son Billy, were murdered. Billy's father had wanted her to get an abortion when she was pregnant with Billy, but she refused. In 2022, a single expectant mother from Virginia, Raquiah King, was murdered just hours after she refused to get an abortion. In each case, the suspect left a trail of bread crumbs (in the form of cell tower pings) leading detectives to him. In each case, the motive was the fact that the killer could get his child support debt forgiven by killing his offspring. These tragedies underscore the need to protect a woman's RIGHT TO CHOOSE LIFE. Governments can protect that right by passing legislation which would take away the main motive for crimes against pregnant women (the ability to get a child support debt forgiven by killing the creditor).

We, the undersigned, call on governments to protect a woman's right to choose life by adding the Creditorship Amendment to its constitution or by at least passing the Right to Choose Life Act into law. Each is described below.

The Creditorship Amendment is the proposed amendment upon which the Right to Choose Life Act would be based. The amendment states, "From now on, no debt shall be forgiven by killing the creditor. This includes the child support debt that a male incurs when he impregnates a female as well as the childbearing debt that the female incurs if she consented to the act which caused the pregnancy. The two debtors owe the two debts to their preborn offspring, who is therefore their creditor. If someone kills their creditor, the child support debt shall still be paid, with the proceeds going towards the welfare of other underprivileged children. If the female freely chooses to get an unnecessary abortion, then her childbearing debt shall be converted into a partial child support debt, with the child support debt of the male being reduced by the amount assumed by the female." The rest of the amendment addresses three cases: necessary abortion (ie. when the mother's life is in danger), rape, and the inability to pay a child support debt. Those three cases are addressed in a just manner. Details can be found on the website shown above.

The leading cause of death for unwed pregnant women is to be murdered. [1] This is because of the fact that the woman is currently forced to choose whether the man will pay the child support debt, which he incurred by impregnating her. He will have to PAY his debt if she chooses to continue the pregnancy, and his debt will be FORGIVEN if she chooses to terminate the pregnancy. The woman can be killed if she refuses to get the abortion; and the double homicide can even happen after the child is born, as we sadly saw with Karissa and Billy Fretwell in 2019.

However, thanks to advancements in DNA paternity testing, the woman no longer has to be forced to choose whether the man will have to pay his child support debt. Instead, a bill can be written, which would require a woman to supply two things before she can get an abortion, the name of the father and a blood sample. That way, paternity could be confirmed, if necessary, through the non-invasive prenatal paternity (NIPP) test. The man would then be informed that he has incurred a child support debt, which he must pay off, in one of two ways, regardless of whether someone was to kill his creditor (his offspring). He would no longer have the motive to force her to get an abortion or kill her for not getting one.

If he is not able and willing to pay the full amount of child support, then the bill would give him the option of making a plea deal with the state, whereby he gives the state near 100% assurance that he will not incur an additional child support debt, in exchange for the state paying a good portion of his existing debt. If the woman was not raped and she was to get an unnecessary abortion anyway, then she would assume part of the man's child support debt, with their payments going towards the welfare of other underprivileged children. However, such an abortion would likely become very rare under the proposed bill, because it is not likely that a woman would want to assume part of a child support debt just to get out of childbearing.

The proposed bill is called the Right to Choose Life Act. Since the RTCL Act would stop most abortions, 'pro-life' people should support it; and since it would not try to force any woman to remain pregnant (ie. through an abortion ban), 'pro-choice' people should support it. It is therefore bipartisan; and because of that, it has the potential of gaining the majority support that a bill needs to become law.

Therefore, please help me stop crimes against pregnant women by signing this petition and letting others know about it, including your legislators. To learn all about the Creditorship Amendment and the Right to Choose Life Act, please go to the website indicated above. There, you may also provide suggestions on how to improve some of the wording in the proposed amendment and bill. Thank you, and may God bless you, and may God bless your country.

[1] Isabelle Horon, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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