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In 2019, a single mother from Oregon, Karissa Fretwell, and her three-year-old son Billy, were murdered. Billy's father had wanted her to get an abortion when she was pregnant with Billy, but she refused. In 2022, a single expectant mother from Virginia, Raquiah King, was murdered just hours after she refused to get an abortion. In each case, the suspect left a trail of breadcrumbs (in the form of cell tower pings) leading detectives to him. In each case, the motive was the fact that the suspect could get his postnatal support debt forgiven by killing his offspring. These tragedies underscore the need to protect a woman's RIGHT TO CHOOSE LIFE. Governments are now able to protect that right by passing legislation which would take away the main motive for crimes against pregnant women (the forgiveness of a postnatal support debt).

We, the undersigned, call on governments to protect a woman's right to choose life by passing the Right to Choose Life Act into law.

The basis for the bipartisan "Right to Choose Life Act" is the principle that no debt should be forgiven by killing the creditor. This includes the postnatal support debt that a male incurs when he impregnates a female and the prenatal support debt that the female incurs if she consented to the act which caused the pregnancy. Unlike the male, the female starts paying her support debt immediately by providing their offspring with the necessities of life (oxygen, water, food, and protection) for nine months, after which the male starts paying his support debt. Their creditor is their offspring, since he or she is the recipient of the support.

The fact that the postnatal support debt can be forgiven, by killing the creditor in the womb, puts the female in danger of either being FORCED to get an abortion or being KILLED for not getting one. Forced abortion is rarely reported, but we know that both crimes happen by the fact that homicide is a leading cause of death for pregnant women [1], especially if they are unwed. The motive for both crimes is the forgiveness of a postnatal support debt. The good news is that it is now possible to take away the motive, thereby preventing both crimes from happening.

Thanks to advancements in DNA paternity testing, it is now possible for every pregnant female to submit proof of paternity as early as 7 weeks gestation, long before she begins to show. (She submits proof by submitting a blood sample.) This makes it possible to protect every woman's right to choose life. The Right to Choose Life Act would give every pregnant female the option to certify the creditorship of her offspring, so that if someone was to kill the creditor, the support debts (owed to the creditor) would not be forgiven, but would instead be converted into reimbursement for wrongful death, payable to the caretakers of the child(ren) specified by her on the certificate of creditorship. Liability for the reimbursement would be on the one(s) most responsible for the wrongful death.

For example, let's say that a pregnant female has certified the creditorship of her offspring and she has submitted proof of paternity. By the time a boyfriend or parent finds out that she is pregnant, it is too late for them to get the postnatal support debt forgiven; because it would not be forgiven if they were to make her get an abortion. Instead, the debt would be converted into reimbursement for wrongful death, which they would have to pay. As a result, nobody has anything to gain by making her get an abortion. With the motive for forced abortion taken away, the safety and wellbeing of both her and her offspring are protected.

By certifying the creditorship of her offspring, a woman would also make it less tempting for her to get an elective abortion (one she freely chooses to get). That's because she and the progenitor of her offspring would share in the liability to pay the reimbursement for wrongful death if she was to get an elective abortion. If someone was to kill her and her offspring, then the killer would be liable for the reimbursement, except that it would be converted into prison time and added to the prison sentence. If the killer is not caught, then the progenitor would need to prove his innocence in order to get his postnatal support debt forgiven. For these reasons, nobody would have a motive to kill her offspring or to hire a hitman.

The Right to Choose Life Act also takes into consideration the fact that there will likely be an increase in men having postnatal support debts that they are unable to pay. That's why the bill includes a debt relief policy that each state would have the option to adopt. Under the policy, the state would offer to pay a significant portion of a man's postnatal support debt (no more than 90%) in exchange for him giving the state near 100% assurance that he will not incur an additional postnatal support debt that he cannot afford. The debt relief policy would help men who have trouble paying child support, and it would also give every pregnant woman the assurance that her offspring will be provided for, one way or another.

The debt relief policy is an option for each state, and the certificate of creditorship is an option for each woman. Because it is an option, and not a requirement, there is no reason for any woman to oppose the Right to Choose Life Act. The bipartisan bill is designed in such a way that the only people who have a reason to oppose it are men who want to continue having a way to get out of paying child support (that way being to make their pregnant girlfriends get abortions). Such men constitute a minority; and because of that, it's only a matter of time before the Right to Choose Life Act gains the majority support that a bill needs to become law. Please go to the website indicated above to learn more or to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you and may God bless you.

[1] Isabelle Horon, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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