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In 2019, a single mom from Oregon, Karissa Fretwell, and her three year old son Billy, were murdered. The suspect is Billy's father, who inadvertently left a trail of bread crumbs (in the form of cell tower pings) leading detectives to him. He wanted Karissa to get an abortion when she was pregnant with Billy. In 2016, Idaho woman Jennifer Nalley, the only child of Jack and Nancy Nalley, was carrying their only grandchild in her womb, when she was murdered by the father of her child. One of the last things he texted, before killing her was this: "I'm praying for a miscarriage or an abortion; if not one of us will wind up dead." These tragedies underscore the need to protect a woman's RIGHT TO CHOOSE LIFE, and the Maternal Rights Act would do just that. The MRA would also prevent abortions from happening, because the motive for them is usually the same as the motive for murdering an unwed pregnant woman (the father not being able & willing to pay child support).

The leading cause of death for unwed pregnant women is to be murdered.[1] This is because of the fact that the woman is forced to choose whether the man will pay for his act of impregnating a woman illegitimately. He will PAY (by paying child support) if she chooses to continue the pregnancy, and he will be ABSOLVED if she chooses to terminate the pregnancy. The woman can be killed if she does not absolve the man; and it can even happen after the child is born, as we sadly saw with Karissa and Billy Fretwell in 2019.

However, thanks to advancements in DNA paternity testing, the woman no longer has to be forced to choose whether the man will pay for his act of impregnating a woman illegitimately. Instead, a bill can be passed, which would require the woman to confirm the paternity (through a non-invasive prenatal paternity test) before she chooses whether to continue or terminate the pregnancy. Once the paternity is confirmed, the man would have a choice of how he will pay for his act of impregnating a woman illegitimately (IWI). He would no longer have a motive to threaten her into getting an abortion.

If he is not able and willing to pay the full amount of child support, then he should be allowed to make a plea bargain with the state, whereby he gives the state 99.85% assurance that he will not impregnate another woman illegitimately, in exchange for the state helping him with his child support payments. Either way, the woman would start receiving the full amount of child support once the child is born. Abortion would likely become rare, because the woman would have an incentive to continue the pregnancy. But if she terminates it anyway, then the child support would go towards the welfare of other illegitimately conceived children.

Since this bill would establish the law of maternal & paternal choices, those who support it are pro-choices, rather than pro-choice (pro-choice is to be in favor of keeping the law of maternal choice in place). Pro-life people should also support this bill, and when they do, they become pro-lives, the lives being maternal & fetal. The pro-choice/pro-life dichotomy would become a tetrachotomy. If, under the new law, abortion were to become rare, then women would likely become more open to revisiting the idea of adding protection for the fetal life to the law. But for now, there is no reason why any man shouldn't be advancing the proposed bill, and why any woman shouldn't be supporting it.

Therefore, please help prevent the murder of pregnant women and reduce the need for abortion, by signing this petition and letting your legislator know about it. For the specifics of how the law would work, please go to www.RightToChoose.Life and click the link for the Maternal Rights Act. The MRA is likely to be modified slightly from time to time, as supporters provide feedback; but the gist of it should remain the same. Thank you, and may God bless you, and may God bless America.

[1] Isabelle Horon, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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