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The Australian Government

We are looking to develop World Class Innovative and Creative ICT workers to fast track the development of a knowledge industry.

If we don't find ways to compete Australia will fall behind and be 'eaten up' in the aggressive electronics ICT industries.

The evidence of CoreChart successes: The tax payer funded CoreChart robotics mentoring program in SA started in 2004 in collaboration with the three universities, Tafes and high schools have clearly demonstrated Australian students could have a 10 year head start in developing niche creative new ICT products and services.

The power of this breakthrough technology designed and developed in South Australia has also been convincingly demonstrated by projects in Kyrgyzstan and Malawi. With the help of Non Government Organisations (NGOs) volunteers local villagers in Talas Kyrgyzstan have learned to program microchips to develop niche microchip embedded products to improve the quality of life e.g. low cost temperature sensor alarms to prevent the consumption of not properly pasteurised milk by infants resulting in Brucellosis which is a deadly disease.

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If under privileged villagers are able to learn a niche and sought after ICT skill to empower themselves with the Australian breakthrough CoreChart technology with the help of ONE Australian volunteer Colin P and his NGO mates, wouldn't the One Million Free CoreChart licences in PM Rudd's One Million free computers fast track the development of world class ICT knowledge workers?

How would this project position Australia on the global ICT landscape?

How would the world perceive Australia if some these knowledge workers expand on Colin P's Kyrgyzstan poverty relief project globally?

Where will this leave Australia if we lost this unique opportunity?

Please express your views on how PM Rudd's One million computers with CoreChart could write a new chapter on global poverty relief!

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We, the undersigned, call on the Australian government to match up the PM's Education Revolution One Million Free Computers with One million Free CoreChart licences.

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