#City & Town Planning
University of California Board of Regents
United States of America

Don't let UCSF break its promise and rush through a MASSIVE EXPANSION of its UCSF Parnassus campus as soon as January 21!

They want a 300-foot tower, 8,000 new employees and 2 million additional square feet of new space -- SalesForce Tower and Transamerica Pyramid combined!

Studies show it will overload transit, skyrocket housing costs, reduce open space, shadow our parks and neighborhoods, and increase the risk of cancer.

The plan breaks their own promise -- since 1976 -- establishing a permanent space cap of 3.55 million square feet at the Parnassus campus.

Despite the pandemic which has limited community input, UCSF is attempting to rush approval of its plans without all San Franciscans being heard.

We, the undersigned, call on the UC Board of Regents to delay approval of their expansion plan to allow meaningful community input, negotiate a fair Memorandum of Understanding with San Francisco to ensure adequate community benefits, and adhere to the 3.55 million permanent space cap as promised to the neighborhood for over 44 years.

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