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To convince Marvel Studios to buy back the production rights of their franchsises and make the films

We the here signed strongly believe that Marvel studios should purchase back the production rights for their franchises. Of these we feel that X-Men should be the main focus. We are tired of third party studios taking characters that we hold dear and turning them into cash crops. A movie should make us think and feel for the characters. These studios have taken away the emotion of the characters. They have taken away the narrative that drives the action and plot. Instead they give us endless, mindless, and pointless action scenes. They do not even attempt to try to stay true to the source material.

If we must pay ten dollars to see a movie, we want one that we can both be entertained and be taken on a journey with the character. We want to feel for them and understand why they do what they do. Why must we hand over 10 dollars of our hard earned money to see epilepsy for the eyes? In comparison to the films that Marvel Studios has completed, these being Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, they truly give us what we want in a movie. They only people that should make a movie about a specific character or group of characters are those who know them best. You would not give a romance movie to a person who has only made action movies all there lives. It is the same as taking all the leftovers after the butchering a cow, putting them in a meat grinder, forming it into a burger, and selling it to us as Black Angus meat. Why must we continually sacrifice a good movie for the sake of ticket sales?

It is now our time to show Marvel what we, as their customers and fans, really want. We want a great film not just a tolerable movie. Not simply something that we slightly enjoy while sitting in the theater. We want something that overwhelms us with greatness and yet makes us want more. We are tired of trying to sift through dung in order to find the good parts. Why must me compromise? We are the ones who want change.

Sign this and show Marvel that we want a real movie not just two hours of mindless action with no plot or character development.

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