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Beyond the allure of training mode, the modern downloadable release of the game brings with it a few enticing additions. For the videophiles enamored with their HD televisions, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 now offers an optional widescreen mode with gently massaged graphics that won't embarrass modern LCD displays. The widescreen expansion isn't very elegantly executed, but at least it's kept from perverting the gameplay. Some background items don't match the edge of the screen, and character portraits that accompany hyper combos leave awkward gaps where the screen was stretched. There are other visual foibles introduced by the widescreen view which all suggest that not much effort went into the conversion.

The other visual enhancements are similarly simple, but more effective. The raw sprites, in all their blocky pixel quality, are free to behold should the default video filters prove unsuitable. But the "crisp" filter actually cleans up the look of characters while maintaining sharp edges, and effectively makes the "smooth" filter completely unnecessary. The latter gets rid of the classic blockiness but introduces a typical sprite filter blur of which I'm no fan. The game's polygonal backgrounds are now rendered in HD, which furthers the quality gap between the characters and their backdrops. The modern, 3D backgrounds may be a bit at odds with the fifteen-year-old sprites (they always were), but they certainly look nicer than ever. this review was the best acuerate descrietion of the game

Ultimately, this is the same Marvel vs. Capcom 2 we already know. Opinions of the gameplay won't be swayed by any of the mild changes made to the HD port. Character balance is still an issue of contention; even though the game has fifty-six playable fighters, only a handful are actually competitive. I've personally no problem with the balance. The team system sort of evens things out and gives matches plenty of variety. In my eyes, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is among the best fighting games ever crafted

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