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Regarding Upcoming Marvel Video Game Development.

We the fans and supporter of Marvel Comics, petition Marvel/Disney interactive, to bring a new envisioning of Marvel Ultimate alliance, more commonly known as MUA to next gen consoles in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

This envisioning would resemble modern gameplay we have seen suck as The Amazing Spiderman, and Batman Arkham Asylum, with close up gameplay, with up to 6 player co op instanced missions and massively multiplayer open world New York, L.A. Etc. this would use "Phase shifting technology" that would place players in phases where the character they selected had not yet been placed, allowing for 1 of each character to function in the world as their own individual iconic marvel character.

This game would be episodic and frequently update with random respawning endless missions in the open world, and a robust leveling system, along with the ability to monetize multiple alternative costumes, levels, stories and more.

This could also open a new marketing possibility using the same technology as Disney Infinity, allowing consumers to purchase Marvel action figures, and put them on a peripheral that reads the toy, and places that character in the game for instant play!

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