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Marron is the daughter of Krillin and Android 18. She was born before the Majin Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z.

As a little girl, she resembles her father. She has his eyes and nose, or lack there of. However, she does indeed have a nose, though small, and as she grows older, Marron begins to look more like her mother. She also appeared briefly throughout the DBGT series.

Her big Debut was the Super 17 Saga, where she tried to take a stand, and help her mom fight against 17, but instead was forced by her mother to leave the danger! She loves her family, and friends, and also loves to shop! She can be a bit bossy to her father, much like her mother! She is seen usually sporting a pink skirt, with a pink hat, and pigtails.

I believe that Marron was secretly trained by her parents to fight, and use ki. The only reason why she is never shown fighting is because she never had a reason too! I believe that she only fights when the situation really demands! Fighting is only used for the last resort (I believe that's what she believes!)

Now I was thinking that Marron could have a mix of her parents techniques, and abilities. More so Krillin's then 18's, mainly because Marron is not an android!

So there I have just proven the fact that Marron can possibly be a really good fighter (much like her parents) but chooses not to use violence, but only use it as a last resort!

Oh yes I almost forgot, the last episode of DBZ, Marron was wearing her usual skirt, but it said fight on the back of it, that might be an expression that she is into the whole fighting thing, but then agian it could mean nothing!

Her alt. costume could be her wearing just her original red skirt, and black shoes, and her hair in pigtails!

We all know Marron, the only daughter of the great Krillin, and Android 18! I believe that Marron knows how to fight, and should be able to have a free spot in the next Tenkaichi game!

She could have a mix of all her parents' Powers & Abilities! Just because we never saw Marron fight doesn't mean she can't!

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