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I believe that Marron and Bulla should be playable characters in upcoming DBZGT games, such as BT4 (Budokai Tenkaichi 4). I mean come on they would be so great.

Marron is the daughter of Android 18 and krillin, two of the most powerful beings on Earth even in the Universe (especially Android 18!).

I am sure that they taught her how to fight use martial arts, and use ki energy (she gave several hints that she could). She has been through a lot of dangerous situations, supports the Z Fighters, etc...

Bulla has the Prince of all Sayains for a father, and a super genius for a mother, she is partial sayains, etc...

They need to be in future games!

Who wnats more females in DBZGT games?

I know I do, my favorite characters are Marron and Bulla. I know they have the potential to be in those intense games. Spike needs to add them! Whose with me!

What do we want ?!

Marron and Bulla playable in DBZGT games!

When do we want it?!


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