Marks and Spencers

Please support us in our effort to attract quality stores back to
the town of St. George's, Bermuda.

We, the fans of St. George's, Bermuda- Revitalize Facebook
Page would like to see a major store reinvest in St.
George's. We believe that Marks and Spencer’s is an
established and successful company with immense
resources and a brand with worldwide recognition. We hope
that Marks and Spencer’s will show its commitment to the
town of St. George's by opening a satellite store in the
town, or by providing Marks and Spencer products in an
existing store. The town of St. George's needs key players
to step up to the challenge of helping to revitalize the
town. We believe that if Marks and Spencer’s were to
invest in the town, it would attract other businesses to
follow suit. The residents, workers and visitors of St.
George's need quality stores and Marks and Spencer’s is
definitely a store that meets that criterion. The town of St.
George's needs you to show some faith in it! Come on
Marks, think outside the box! SIGNED...

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