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I've always been a fan of The Fresh Beat Band since it first came out in 2009. It's such a great show to watch and it really lights up our lives and lifts our spirits! Marina was always my very favorite Fresh Beat character on the show and I always loved the way she sang, danced, and played the drums. She had the friendliest angel smile and she gave loving hugs.

Marina was such a sweet kind hearted girl with love and serenity in her heart! She always made The Fresh Beat Band fun and enjoyable to watch and I absolutely loved her talents. The first two seasons of The Fresh Beat Band were perfect and exciting with Shayna Rose in them and then, it all ended when she left the show in April 2011 to get married and do other projects. "Shayna Rose, we know you got married and want to do other things and that's great!

It's wonderful to hear that you're married but PLEASE don't leave The Fresh Beat Band Shayna. It's not the same without you and we love you so much on the show! Do you know how much we miss you and want you back?? Us fans adore you, and you're our most favorite character on The Fresh Beat Band too. Please come back to The Fresh Beat Band, we miss you and so do Twist, Shout, and Kiki. We need you back!"

The truth is that I DON'T like The New Marina AT ALL! She looks WAY older than the rest of The Fresh Beat characters and she screams way too loud all the time. She does NOT fit the Marina role what so ever like the original Marina does, it's true. When I watch The Fresh Beat Band, I can easily feel the huge difference between the original Marina and the new one and the original one was The Bomb who we all love! Shayna Rose is the best and she'll always be number #1 now and forever because she actually IS Marina and Tara Perry is so NOT!!

You see, when we watched The Fresh Beat Band when it first came out, we were all excited and happy because we could really feel the musical excitement and power of the show come into our souls. We knew that Shayna lifted us up with her greatest role as Marina and she had the most fans worldwide tunning in to watch her every week on the Nickjr. channel because everyone loved her and she brought the ratings up to the very top. She's our very favorite one of all. And we don't get that same kind of feeling in us what so ever with this new girl on the show because it's just NOT the same without our real Marina! Plus Nickjr. is not even showing season 3 with The New Marina on television anyway and that's surely because everybody DOES NOT like the new girl and they don't want to watch the show anymore with her on it.

So Nickjr. might as well is go ahead and look into bringing the original Marina {Shayna Rose} back to The Fresh Beat Band and sign her a new contract on the show again, you feel me? Because ever since Shayna Rose left The Fresh Beat Band it's been sucking and going downhill more and more and the ratings already went from 5 stars all the way down to 2 stars, not good! The show already lost more than 3/4 quarters of it's viewers and fans worldwide and now only a few people watch it because Tara Perry is killing the ratings and the Marina name, no no she has to GO GO!!

I heard on Shayna Rose's Facebook page that If they ask her and she gets enough supporters then she'll come back to The Fresh Beat Band Band as Marina and return again which is a good thing because she's The Icon! Because The Fresh Beat Band is only going to continue going downhill and eventually be taken off the air like they did to "Legend Of The Seeker" If Shayna doesn't return to the show again to keep that from actually happening.

For the past 5 months they've been showing all the old episodes and reruns with The Old Marina in them because Nickjr. knows how much we miss her and want her back on the show, us Marina fans LOVE her! So why not do the best thing Nickjr. and bring our real Marina back? Of course, we don't want to force Shayna Rose back on The Fresh Beat Band If she doesn't want to return and pursue with her married life and career, but then again who knows?? If she sees that she has enough supporters and fans who love her and truely care about her, then she just MIGHT come back to The Fresh Beat Band and make a huge surprise return to the show again, you never know!!! I really hope she does, we all do! We want her on the show for the whole series.

Of course, Kiki, Twist, and Shout are welcoming the new Marina and trying their best to get use to her. But I wonder what their REAL thoughts about Tara Perry and Shayna Rose are though you know?? Because I could tell by the way the original cast acted on the set and whether they were really playing a role or not. They all had fun and got along and they looked happy too. But really it's obvious that it's just not the same for them without Shayna Rose! Yes, they get along with Tara Perry just fine, but deep down in their hearts I know for a fact that they all miss Shayna Rose and wishes she was still with them on The Fresh Beat Band and that they much prefer her over Tara Perry. {As we all do}:

Nickjr. when you recieve this petition, can you please get in contact with Shayna Rose and email her and show her this petition and bring her back to The Fresh Beat Band again? Keep her on The Fresh Beat Band all the way to the end and very last episode, she's fantastic! And If you don't get her back on the show then just make one final last season 3 with huhhh... the new girl and end the Fresh Beat Band series after that with 3 seasons because it's going to go downhil after that anyways.

But we're really hoping you DO get Shayna Rose Back on The Fresh Beat Band as Marina again and that you'll sign her a new contract! Yes, bring Shayna Rose to The Fresh Beat Band again Nickjr. or else we're not going to watch that show anymore because we are NOT impressed at all with the new Marina no, she has to go!!!

And get The Original Old Reid back on The Fresh Beat Band again too Nickjr. (:

Fresh Beat and Marina fans and people, this petition is to show Shayna Rose that we miss her and want her to come back to The Fresh Beat Band again.

It's not fun to watch anymore without her and she makes The Fresh Beat Band fun and exciting to watch. So let's all show Shayna Rose that we want her back on The Fresh Beat Band as Marina again!

Feel free to email me at katiestewart56@yahoo. com and hit me up on Facebook too, I'm Jacob Sosa.


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