#Local Government
Dekalb County Georgia
United States of America

Greggory Savelio, a senior at Westwood College, was on his way to work on August 22nd, 2009 at approximately 5:30 pm when he stopped to get gas at the Chevron station located at 2450 Candler Road, Decatur, Georgia. Gregg was approached by two men in a robbery attempt and he was shot and killed. To date his killers have not been found.

Chevron did not have outside video surveillance at the pumps where Gregg was shot, and we believe if there had been a camera in place this would have helped find Gregg’s killers. The outside video surveillance camera of the neighboring CVS Pharmacy captured one of Gregg’s killers, but the picture was too grainy to make a positive ID.

This crime was committed in broad daylight and had there been outside surveillance (of quality nature) Gregg’s killers would have likely been identified and arrested immediately.

Noticeable outside video surveillance at gas stations would deter criminals from targeting patrons, and in the event a crime is committed, the surveillance would help the investigation in apprehending the criminal(s).

This petition is asking for outside video surveillance to be mandatory at all service stations in Dekalb County, Georgia to promote a safer environment for patrons.

We are asking that the video also be of sufficient quality (forensic quality) to provide clear and distinct images.

All signatures obtained MUST live in Dekalb County Georgia.

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