#Human Rights

Assault and abuse is a criminal offence, correct? Mental abuse is a criminal offence, correct? In this case when someone mentally abuses someone to the point were they commit suicide nothing is done about it.

There are 123 in a day due to bullying and it needs to be taken note of and stopped soon

I am a 13 year old who has realised that something isnt right in this world.

I realised that all these bullying are mentally abusing people to hurting themselves or committing suicide. To help others and save many lifes this needs to be dealt with and taken care of very soon.

Teachers should take notes on any student that report to them about others. They should ignore and take training lessons on how to deal with these types of things. 123 people die a day because of these things. 123?! That's to many people in to much pain for this world to put aside. I hope you sign my petiton and make it reconigized.

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