Subway HQ (SSA) & DA Office (Subway NSW & ACT)

This petition is aimed at the responsible authority to reconsider their decision and Subway Head office to take the bold step of approving Subway Punchbowl to be the first Halal store in Sydney and possibly Australia. The store has a good reputation in the community and the business owners have always been ready to support the local community. They took the lead in bringing Subway to the community and the first to start selling Halal chicken, when it was available, before the current changes that have created some confusion.

Subway Punchbowl is located in the suburb of Roselands and the local council area designated as Canterbury-Bankstown. The local government area has a population of 322,163 residents and it is estimated that 65% of the residents are of the Islamic faith. Furthermore, as the local cultural apex for the wider Islamic community of NSW and with the abundance of local Islamic institutions, the Islamic community on a daily basis can swell by as much as 50,000 people attending mosques, schools and community events. This does not include the adjoining suburbs that also have big Islamic communities, Greenacre, Enfield, Bexley, Beverly Hills, Riverwood etc.

At the present moment, all the major Brands (McDonald’s, Oporto, Red Rooster, Hungry Jack’s, Soul Origin and KFC) do offer Halal options to the local community, in varying degrees that satisfy the needs and requirements of accreditation and certification for the local community.

Subway, is the only remaining major Brand with a presence in the area that does not provide this valuable opportunity to the local community, that we feel is excluding us from enjoying Subway Sandwiches. In the past, we were able to purchase some limited Halal products from Subway Punchbowl, which also provided great customer service with the additional benefit of dedicated knives and regular glove changes, so it was our first choice to visit, but have since being advised that they can no longer sell these Halal products.

This appears at odds with many Subway stores in the area and further afield telling members of the local and Islamic community that they are Halal or are selling Halal products, mainly Chicken products!

We, the undersigned, being members of the local community call on Subway HQ (SSA) & DA Office (Subway NSW & ACT) to permit and allow the local Subway store located at Punchbowl, to be Subway’s and the communities first Halal accredited store. We are strong supports of local business and feel that we have not been able to fully enjoy the benefits of Subway because of the confusion around Halal products and status of the Subway stores in the Canterbury-Bankstown area and further afield. We, the undersigned believe that having the local Subway store located at Punchbowl, be Halal accredited, will be a real bonus for the community, especially the Islamic community which has a strong presence in the Canterbury-Bankstown area and currently do enjoy the benefits of having other local Brands being Halal accredited.

Currently, we are denied a choice because Subway is the only Brand not Halal accredited. We encourage you to give serious consideration to our request, which will be circulated through the local and wider community.

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