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Keeping a parent and child apart is wrong. If a parent is not a threat or has not put a child in harms way. Why impede?

Too many times have courts, cps, lawyers, other parents and even your own family will keep your kids away from you.

Why? Every time a kid is taking away from parent the reason being is because it means s in the child’s best interest. How can keeping a child away from a fit loving parent be in their best interest?

You would think family is important. Yes family is so important that they keep you away from your children and think that it’s in you child’s best interest to be adopted out.

Some parents go jail just to see their kids, some parents move town/state to be with their kids. Some court cases a parent can’t see their child and they feel all hope is lost and they even take their own life. Someone should be held accountable for that, things didn’t have to get to that point.

It’s not required but if you would like to share your horror story with others please tell the government how they have failed you

If a person has never met their child, why would a person not want them to be in their child’s life?

If a person is no longer with child’s other parent or if they are just upset, is that grounds for being out their child’s life?

If a person has paid their debt to society and it has been proven they are not a threat or will not bring harm to their child. Why would a person continue to impede the broken bond that was lost while incarcerated?

If a person impedes with a civilian trying to connect with their child, that person is disrupting, disregarding and disrespecting a civilian’s Life and Pursuit of Happiness.

Punishment should range from
Class C-A Misdemeanor. In some cases people who cause physical and mental health issues to civilians should be charged with a Felony.

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