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Idaho Department of Transportation
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Hwy 41 between Twin Lakes Rd and Seasons Rd needs to become safer for residents, school buses, and frequent travelers of this route by making this section of Hwy 41 a no passing zone.

This section of Hwy 41 has a speed limit of 60 mph, with drivers constantly and dangerously trying to pass other drivers. Numerous close calls have been reported by residents that live in this area, with various forms of dangerous passing.

There are school bus stops on this section of Hwy 41, with children crossing the road numerous times throughout the day.

One example of this unsafe passing is when, a resident was pulling out from Grayeagle Rd onto Hwy 41 when a truck traveling north bound decided to pass the vehicle in front of it, not paying attention to the residents vehicle pulling onto the Hwy (the truck missed the vehicle by only an inch). This was a very close and terrifying experience for the mother and her 4 yr old son.

Another example of this unsafe passing was, September 13, 2004, Gene Mayo, was killed while he was stopped on Hwy 41 waiting to make his left hand turn onto Grayeagle Rd. Gene Mayo, was struck from behind by a truck that went to pass him, instead of waiting for him to make his turn.

This problem is becoming worst with more homes being established in this area and it needs to be addressed before anymore fatalities occur.

We, the undersigned, ask the Idaho Department of Transportation to make Hwy 41, between Twin Lakes Rd and Seasons Rd, a no passing zone.

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