Christies law
New Zealand

Christie Marceau was murdered in 2011. Prior to Christie's murder she was kidnapped and assaulted by him. Police and Christie's family pleaded with the judge that he did not get granted bail. Unfortunately he was granted bail and lived in close proximity of Christie's house. Not to long after he entered there house and stabbed her, killing her. So many people on bail have committed crimes ending in a result like this. Its time to take action and change that.

I am making this petition in support of Christie's family and the injustice they got. I am making this petition to tighten bail laws so that tragedy's like Christie's do not continue to happen.
The policy I want to amend is the bail act (bail amendment bill) the things I want to change are, no bail for any person who is charged with a serious violent “three strike” offence who has previously committed a serious violent “three strike” offence while on bail. Serious breaches of bail to be addressed by a presumption of imprisonment, rather than fines, which are ineffective, inconsistently applied and rarely paid. Offences committed while on bail should be sentenced cumulatively, rather than concurrently as they generally are at present. Removal of the strong presumption in favor of bail for persons under 20 where previously convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment. Judges should be required to pay particular regard to submissions made by victims, and any personal threats made against victims in deciding whether bail should be granted. Fix the loophole that allows persons committing serious violent “three strike” offences while on bail for other serious violent “three strike” offences, to avoid the “three strikes” sentencing regime.
Do you want this injustice to continue in our country? Do you want serious criminals living in your community?
Sign this petition in support of peoples safety and justice for Christie's family.

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