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The United States Congress, Specifically Randy Neugebauer
United States of America

Since the United States Department of Justice (ICE) doesn't seem to want to do their jobs, and states such as Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma, as well as a multitude of additional states, and individual cities and towns all across America are taking into their own hands to implement laws and ordinances against illegal immigrants in the United States.

This is a federal problem, and should have been dealt with decades ago. Illegal immigrants aren't entitled to Social Security benefits, free healthcare, free rent, free this and free that. These benefits belong to the the people who were and are born here, and have got a legal right to be here, whether they have registered to be future U.S. citizens, or have already gone through the process and have been sworn in already.

Regardless, these people are here legally, and should be the ones entitled to the "freebies" doled out by the United States Government, not the illegal ones.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Congress to strengthen the federal immigration laws to equal that of the State of Arizona or stronger, and allow local law enforcement to initiate contact with the suspected illegal person to investigate to the extent of whether the individual is or is not here in the United States illegally, then take the appropriate action necessary to remedy the situation.

In addition, take appropriate action against the employers who employ them, the landlords who rent to them, and the property sellers who sell to them, whether it be tangible property or personal property.

Without employment, there is no money for rent to live here, money to own property here, or vehicle ownership, to live anywhere in the country they so choose.

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