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We are all tired of the glitches making games completely unenjoyable, we all try and do the right thing and report faults to Zynga and we all get ignored for it or even worse told to clear our cookies and use google crome. We all know thr truth, that the cookies and internet browser and certainly your laptop type have nothing to do with th problem.

Its ZYNGA!!!

They wont fix the problems we report, they add too much in at once, and they just want us to PAY for everything on the games!


They took down our site on FB, that shows they are scared, they cant shut us down here and even if they do, we will start AGAIN!.

This time we are not just limiting to Cafe World, but all Zynga Games including and not limited to Farmville, Fronterville and Poker.

We the undersigned are sick of the constant problems and glitches and we demand that they are fixed! We refuse to pay for any more cash cards on the game until this is fixed and the games can be played properly once more!

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