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Greetings, World of Warcraft players!

If you're seeing this petition, it means you share the desire to play the upcoming Horde Allied Race, the Zandalari trolls, as Warlocks, or simply way to support those who do.

On November 2nd, Blizzard announced at the "World of Warcraft: What's next" panel a total of 10 classes for the Zandalari Troll allied race, which came as no surprise at all, since the Zandalari are such an ancient and versatile race.

Since then the official sites omitted the existence of Zandalari Warlocks, culminating in a post by Blizzard announcing that Zandalari wouldn't be able to be Warlocks.

People were shocked and disappointed, specially because the reason given was Lore based, which is quite dishonest, given that the Zandalari have indeed come across Fel, as well as other elements associated with warlocks, such as shadow and fire, and practiced Demonic arts.

Many players acquired race changes (which cost 25 euros) and faction changes (30 euros) in order to be able to switch their Warlocks to Zandalari as soon as the race was released, while refunds are possible, nothing can make it up for the disappointment of the fans who so dearly looked forward to play their Zandalari Warlock.

This being said, I come to you, and humbly ask for your support on this matter. It doesn't matter your faction, your class or race, if you wish to support this cause, please sign this petition and show your support.

I thank you for your time from the bottom of my heart.

Let's show Blizzard we want to make this happen!
Happy gaming!

We, the players, humbly request that Blizzard once again includes Warlock as a Playable class for the Zandalari Troll Allied Race.

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