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long ago, riot released content, in with they talked about Yasuo having a brother and him fighting with his brother, there has been a lot of leasing with stories and skin, so i Think that it could be a really nice idea tu put Yasuo's brother in the game , project Ashe says something about gastos brother being capture, so this means that riot has have the idea to make him a Champion, and i Think that it should be done, as well as im sure that many fans of League of Legends would love to have yasuo's brother in the game.

i formerly ask you to sign this petición in order to make yasuo's brother a legitimate Champion in the game League of Legends, by doing this a new character Will be added to the roseta of Champions, this character has appeared in several stories in League of Legends as well as being teased in skins, and interactions with characters, so i Think that riot should consider this petion and make yone who is gastos brother a Champion, thanks you very much , please sign this petition.

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The make Yone a champion in league of legends petition to Riot games was written by Jorge Enrique Yabur and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.