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Call this a home?
Campaign for safe rooming houses in Victoria

Victoria has a severe shortage of affordable housing. This has caused increasing homelessness and a proliferation of privately operated rooming houses.

More and more individuals and families, including women and children, are turning to rooming houses as their last option before sleeping on the street.

Privately operated rooming houses are the most dangerous form of accommodation in Victoria. Poor regulation and the lack of minimum standards mean that rooming houses can operate for maximum profit, with little regard for the safety or amenity of residents.

They do not offer residents security, privacy or safety. Shared areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are often stages for violence, intimidation, drug dealing and other illegal activities.

There is no control over who enters or stays in the house. Some residents lack an adequate lock on their door. Imagine your food and possessions being regularly stolen or having to stand outside the bathroom door to make sure your daughter is safe. Would you call this a home?

Victoria lacks the regulatory tools to adequately control this segment of the private housing market. It is time for the introduction of a statewide set of standards and a regulatory scheme that will protect vulnerable residents from exploitative practices and conditions.

Call This A Home? is a coalition of peak bodies, organisations and individuals committed to safe rooming houses in Victoria.

We believe every Australian has a fundamental right to safe, secure and affordable housing.

We are calling on the Victorian Government to introduce:

- A set of comprehensive minimum standards to ensure the basic needs of rooming house residents are met;

- A system of registration, monitoring and enforcement to bring hundreds of unregistered rooming houses into the system and ensure their compliance;

- A system to regulate the management of rooming houses to prevent exploitative practices.

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