#Animal Rights
British Vetenary Association
United Kingdom

A lot of animals end up being put down every year due to the fact that people are irresposible and/or they don't take steps to have their animal companions sterilised.

Part of the problem is probably down to the fact that very few (if any) vets offer people the opportunity to have vasectomies or tubal ligations performed on their companions (some people may consider these options as they are less invasive then spaying and castrating animals, and they don't have the same hormornial side-effects).

We, the undersigned, want more vets in the UK to offer people the choice between neutering (spaying and castration) or sterilisation operations (vasectomies and tubal ligations) while being trained to a standard where they can perform vasectomies and tubal ligations efffectively.

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The Make vasectomies and tubal ligations for animals more widely available in the UK petition to British Vetenary Association was written by Nicholas Brown and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.